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Sentosa Food Truck Fiesta

Palawan Green
18 – 27 Nov (Friday to Sunday)

From 18 to 27 Nov, join us at Palawan Green for a feast of food truck bites, movies by the beach, and a festive market bazaar. Explore delicious fare dished up by an array of Singapore’s most passionate chefs, from experienced veterans to promising young talents, all in one place.

Event Map

Discover new favourites from the local food scene, hosted in food trucks at Palawan Green.



Delight in popular Japanese yakitori with a Southeast Asian flair. Visitors can opt for prix fixe sets or create their own “bentos” for $8.80 and enjoy a furikake rice ball with a choice of four skewers like Tamagoyaki and Chicken Karaage.

Big O

An all time favourite… Hamburgers with melted cheese but with a twist in pink buns!

Check out Big O’s Black Pink Burger with Kimchi, or the Port “O” Bello vegan option of grilled whole juicy portobello. And not forgetting munchies such as Popcorn Chicken and Organic Nachos & Cheese that goes perfectly with any movie.

Chipper Roll

Relish the best of British classics with treats like Bangers & Mash ($8.80), Fish & Chips ($7.80) and Chicken Pie ($6.80), or opt for a choice of satisfying rolls like Shrimp Scampi Roll ($9.80) and the vegetarian Breaded Corn Rolls ($9.80).

Coffee & Smores

Coffee & S’mores will be serving you both hot and cold coffee from freshly brewed Italian Lavazza roasted coffee beans. Anytime is a good time for a cuppa for gourmet coffee lovers.

A must try from Coffee & S’mores is their famous Iced Chocolate S’mores. Topped with flambé marshmallows and generously drizzled with Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup. Totally yummilicious in every slurp!


Delve into the interesting world of craft beer with Glugland, with a curated selection of the best brews locally and overseas.

Kombi Food Vans

Mama Shop:

A collection of nostalgic and new Singaporean snacks and beverages introduces tourists to local delights and delights locals with a trip down memory lane. Snacks and titbits  include ice gems, Merlion biscuits and old school wafers.

Masala Wala:

From the streets of New Delhi comes a selection of Halal and vegetarian snacks like Punjabi Samosa ($7.80 for three pcs), Paneer Kathi Roll ($7.80) and Aloo Chop ($5.80).


PERGHCHICKS started in 1999 as a nameless establishment in pasarmalam. Being the pioneers in the pasarmalam scene, we brought the original Malaysian recipe of our specialty: “Ayam Percik” into Singapore. Now rebranded into PERGHCHICKS – our menu aims to bring a modern taste of BARBECUED CHICKEN to a traditional favourite.

*Ayam Percik is a Malaysian grilled chicken marinated with flavourful spices such as lemongrass, turmeric & cumin.

Quick Greens

L’Entrecôte La Baguette:

A true taste of Parisian History slid between a crusty French Baguette with Tender Sliced Grilled Entrecôte Steak Secret Sauce and French Fries

Quick Greens Burgers and Wraps:

Plant Based for the Win

Slurps & Scoops

Family-friendly dessert kiosk hits the spot with sweet treats to beat the heat. Enjoy a scoop of ice cream ($5.80 per cup, $6.80 per waffle cone) or pamper the kids with Candy Floss ($6) and Popcorn ($6). Beverage selections include bottled juices, coffee, smoothies and mocktails.


Get your 9-Inch Long HotDog Buns by SwipeDougz while catching your favourite movies. Savour the Franks with our Homemade Rendang Con Carne or even with some Oozy Cheese Sauce. Need something Crispy? Look no Further for our Crispy Battered Twirl Potatoes with that Oozy Cheese Sauce or that Unique Rendang Con Carne. Try out our Truffled Scented Cheese Sticks and get that irresistible Cheese Pull. Get your Thirst Quencher with some Sparkling HoneyB made with 100% Australian Honey!

Taco Pau

A food truck mash-up of irresistible Mexican treats with Western and Middle Eastern fillings. Diners start with a choice of wraps like Tortilla or Quesadilla, then customise them from a range of signature fillings ($7.80) like Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Chili Con Carne, or premium options ($9.80) like Lamb Rogan and Potato Kofta with Cashew Gravy.

Tasty Chics

True to it’s name, Tasty Chics serves up delicious chicken 🐥, perfect for a quicky & savory bite. Our crispy AND juicy chicken is made by possible combining Karaage-style marination and Chinese-style batter 🥵 Enjoy our karaage with our signature sauces OR in a mantou for the perfect asian-fusion gastronomical experience 👌

Thai Dee

It’s Bangkok on the beach with these Thai-inspired noodles and fried street snacks. Choose between two sets priced at $6.80 – Tom Yum Noodles soup served with crabstick, luncheon meat and seasonal vegetables; or Thai-style Vegetable Noodle soup with seasonal vegetables. For $8.80, guests can create their own noodle cups with a choice of soup base and up to six toppings.

Food Truck Fiesta Frequently Asked Questions

1. Key Information

1.1 Event Breakdown
Dates Opening Hours Location Charges
Sentosa Food Truck Fiesta 18 – 20 Nov

25 – 27 Nov

Fri – Sun: 5pm to 10pm Palawan Green Varies
1.2. Directions

1.2.1 How to get there? Nearest Carpark

Beach Station Car Park Nearest Public Transportation

      • By Sentosa Express (from Vivo City): Alight at Beach Station.
      • By Public Bus: Board Bus 123 and alight at Beach Station Bus Terminal.
      • By Beach Shuttle: Board the Beach Shuttle and alight at Beach Station.
      • By Sentosa Bus: Board Sentosa Bus A, B or C and alight at Beach Station.
        • View Sentosa Express, Beach Shuttle and Sentosa Bus routes here


      • Alight at Beach Station.
      • Take a walk down to the staircase leading to Central Beach Bazaar.
      • Take a left turn.
      • Then take a 3 minutes walk to Palawan Green. Entering by Cycling / Personal Mobility Device

      • Please dismount and push your bicycle within the festival grounds.
      • No Cycling and Personal Mobility Devices are permitted within the Festival grounds.

2. Admission

2.1 Is there an age requirement to attend the festival?

There is no age requirement to attend the festival.

2.2 Is a ticket required for the festival?

No, the festival grounds are open for all; tickets are not required.

2.3 Are masks required?

The wearing of masks is optional at Food Truck Fiesta.

2.4 Is the event ground accessible for wheelchairs or prams?

Yes, Palawan Green is accessible for guests with wheelchairs or prams.

3. General Questions

3.1 Weather

3.1.1 Will the festival be cancelled in the event of inclement weather?

Food Truck Fiesta is a rain-or-shine event. It will only be cancelled in the event of lightning risk.

3.1.2 Where is the nearest shelter in the event premises?

In the event of inclement weather, festival goers can seek shelter at Beach Station and Palawan Kidz City.

3.2 Facilities

3.2.1 Are there smoking corners within the festival premises?

  • Yes, refer to the event map for their various locations.

3.2.2 Are there any washrooms within the festival premises?

  • Yes, refer to the event map for their various locations.

3.2.3 Are there water coolers within the festival premises?

Yes, there are a few water coolers scattered around the festival grounds.

3.3 Pets

3.3.1 Are pets allowed in the event premises?

For the safety and comfort of all the festival goers, pets are not allowed on the festival tables and chairs. However, guide dogs will be allowed.

4. Food and Beverage

4.1 General

4.1.1 What time is the last food/beverage order for all the food trucks?


4.1.2 Can I bring food and beverages purchased from elsewhere into the event premises?

Kindly note that food and beverages purchased from elsewhere will not be allowed to be consumed at the festival.

4.2 Dietary Options

4.2.1 Are there any Halal-certified food options available at the festival?

Halal-certified food options are made available at the festival.

4.2.2 Are there any Vegetarian / Vegan food options available at the festival?

Vegetarian / Vegan food options are made available at the festival.

4.3 Alcohol

4.3.1 Will there be alcohol sold at the festival?

Alcohol will be sold at the festival. However, the sale of alcoholic beverages will only be available for festival goers aged 18 and above.

Consumption of alcohol or liquor is not allowed on event premises after 10.30pm.

4.3.2 Are we allowed to bring alcohol out of the festival premises?

  • Individuals are allowed to bring out alcohol purchased from the festival.
  • Alcohol purchased from non-participating partners will not be allowed to be consumed at the festival.

5. Others

5.1 Further Queries

For further queries, please contact us at

5.2 Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Sentosa Food Fest 2022 here.